Simple, Cleaning & Home Maintenance Schedule

I like a clean home, though real-life friends will know my first year of motherhood seriously hindered my ability to make that a reality. Now we’ve moved, and with the increased awareness my children are more organized when they see the home is tidy, I’m resolved to find a solution that works for us. I’m finding more and more that I have more energy (and less wickedly awful arthritis pain) in an evening, which is a change for me (I have always been a lark), and since so much depends on how my work day went, that big cleaning spur on a set day each week rarely never works anymore. A new, simple, daily scheudule is far more reasonable and less taxing which is what I really need right now. In addition, as I home-educate my children on the weekends (about 5.5 hrs each day) and then want to spend time playing games and reading with them, I don’t want to leave everything to those two precious days. My weekly chores split up into daily chores when the wee ones are in bed, is a much better system for me.

1. Clean the bathroom sink, toilet, bath, counter, as well as sweep and wash the floor
2. Dishes, sweep kitchen floor and 15 minute clean of kitchen

1. Vacuum all floors
2. Laundry
3. Dinner dishes and 15 minute clean of kitchen
4. Children’s bath night

1. Laundry
2. Dinner dishes and 15 minute clean of kitchen

1. Sweep all floors
2. Dust all of downstairs
3. Dinner dishes and 15 minute clean of kitchen
4. Wipe down bathroom
5. Children’s bath night
6. Rubbish and recycling out (I think it is picked up on Thurs!)

1. Laundry
2. Vacuum house
3. Deep clean kitchen
4. Dinner dishes
5. Check bank balances and money jars for the weekend
6. Check papers and books are in order.
7. Go through children’s bookbags for school

1. Dust upstairs – teach children how to do their own rooms.
2. Dishes and 15 minute clean kitchen
3. Laundry – towels
4. Make bread and muffins for the week with 1 child (rotating for 1:1 time)
5. Children shower (am)

1. Clean kitchen for start of week
2. Laundry – linens – dry outside
3. One hour gardening blitz as a family
4. Children’s bath night
5. Pack bags for school

I’m finding keeping on top of things frees up weekend time for quality time and reduces the stress – win, win! : )

What’s your schedule like?

12 thoughts on “Simple, Cleaning & Home Maintenance Schedule

  1. Aw, to be so organized. Doesn’t really happen in my world, but I do run a fairly consistent schedule with daily weekday homeschooling, except for those days we decide to throw in family outtings. Once done it’s on to cooking, cleaning or any number of projects in home, garden or on the property.. Seriously who needs a gym with all this activity? : ) We are moving next Spring and the cleaning up and clearing out process has begun for me as I am determined to be far more organized too in our new home. So it’s inspiring to see someone’s done it, makes me think I can too.

  2. Dear FT,
    I’d count myself as a mid-term reader of this blog; I’ve returned after a break (caused by a change in jobs, lost my bookmarks etc) and although the blog contents has changed in many ways I still love to read it and am excited when you pop up in my rss feed.
    I honestly cant remember how I ever found you in the first place, but I have always enjoyed your writing style and the variety of topics you cover. Although I dont need to be especially frugal right now, I definitely have that gene (meal planning, saving bits and bobs for crafts, keeping clothes until they’re WAY out of fashion etc). So I just wanted to say congratulations; on your new family, on this blog and on providing inspiring and thoughful snippets to brighten dull days.
    Thank you FT
    PS: I definitely need some sort of simple cleaning/chores plan – any suggestions for how to actually make the good intentions happen?!

    • Thanks for the lovely words, Michelle.

      As for the how – maybe it is a post in itself! Maybe next week? Something I struggle with too, but there are definitely things that work for me!

  3. I’ve found the same thing – a set time/day doesn’t work anymore. I just try and get a bit done each day, much like you’ve done above. I do tend to try and do a bit more of a tidy up on a Friday so it is nice for the weekend and then again on a Sunday evening so the work starts off on the right foot. That’s about as much of a system as I’ve developed! Hope your new approach fits the bill. Does the entry on Sunday mean you’ve got your own garden now?

  4. Well I am so behind which is why tonight I’ve been making lists. A weekly system like yours may be better. Thanks for suggesting it!

  5. My schedule? Very loose! I do what I can when I can, luckily hubs helps with vacuuming and cleaning the shower and I do the rest which seems a pretty good arrangement to me. I’m not as fussy as I could be but mostly the house is kept tidy, not always, just mostly :) Judy xx

    • My greatest wish is to have someone to do the dishes – they are the bain of my existence. Mostly because I leave them and have a big pile to do! Glad you have some help – important in a relationship!

      As for always tidy, now wouldn’t that be boring ;) (though how I’d love that particular boring! lol)

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  7. I WAS that organized, but after years of struggling, I simply gave up. I was the only one of the Tops being organized, and so I was the one who felt miserable.

    Now, we just look at the house and say: Oh right, this is too much. And then we start cleaning. (This always happens too late.)

    We do engage the little Tops in cleaning and tidying up a lot.

    (PS My studio is super organized, as is my office.)

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