Update On Savings and Wee Girl’s Art

Well I refreshed all the things I’d listed to sell a while ago and neglected due to health, and today was my lucky day as I sold $30 worth of things we don’t need. A far cry from the $480 we will need, but a very good start! And living on a dime is very much about patience, delaying gratification and trying – sometimes over and over again! ;)  $450 to go!

Tomorrow wee girl is going to list some of her art for sale. She’s very very nervous {would you say a kind word on her post to encourage her?}. She’s hoping to raise money to take some art lessons this year, so she’s turned two pieces of art into cards. One was her first masterpiece, the other something she worked on for a couple months. The group plus private lesson is $180/month. Strangely the private is less than the group lesson. The group lesson is a mix of lessons and art history.

I’ve been told wee girl is very good, by multiple artists and teachers, but her fine motor skills are very very behind {typical for children with her background, it’s why we try to do Occupational Therapy}. In addition at some point we’ll need to get help to apply for art high school, which is wee girl’s ultimate goal – and a professional portfolio is requested. But we have another couple of years before that. For now, she has this goal and as we focus a lot on life skills in the Frugal Trenches household, I think her taking over this blog and managing her little business will be good for her!

Please also don’t feel any pressure to buy. We’ve spoken a lot about people’s budgets and bills, so she does understand! :)

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A New Goal

I’ve mentioned before that part of my obligation as an adopter is to continue with birth family visits until the children are 18. In each adoption this may look different-  it can be with siblings who are adopted, siblings who are still in care, birth parents, birth grandparents or a combination. Usually not all at once. I won’t go into details of our visits out of respect to everyone involved, but generally at least one visit involves a distance for us. The last time I really examined the total costs each year, I determined it came to around $750 a year (3 visits of which one is further afield). I just looked at the costs for the upcoming visit {slightly delayed due to my health – it was supposed to be summer, but I haven’t been able to manage it and was provided some leniency}, and I think this particular one I can make happen for $440 – $480. As the visits aren’t optional, and there can be legal consequences for not following through, I’m going to have to begin saving even though there are many many other pressing bills.

To help motivate me I’m going to keep tally on the side of the blog with how well I’m doing. I’m kind of nervous, truth be told…it feels insurmountable, especially as I have a $500 replacement windshield on my credit card (total cost over $1000, but insurance paid the rest), a $340 physiotherapy bill next month, and am about to be hit with return to school costs. But I’m going to try to be positive and remember every dollar counts. Now if only I could find $440 beneath the couch cushions! ;-)

What are you currently saving for?

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