Frugal Trenches Used To…

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Be able to knit! What happened?!?!?!?!

I am currently trying to make a hat and I’ve now started over 30 x and am no closer to figuring it out. Dearest Brain, please begin to work again! Anyone else ever have this happen to them? It’s kind of like losing segments of the puzzle that makes you, you! Just like reading…

One day, one day…!

How We Saved Money This Week

I thought of many examples this week, though not sure I remember them all, but I’ll do my best! Like always, it’s very much the little things.

  • I didn’t have enough mince to make a meatloaf, so I bulked it up with veggies and breadcrumbs and I made 1/2 a meatloaf. It still provided enough for three with a couple sides and as always got rave reviews. They may be biased though!
  • I avoided the second hand store since the sale was only 20% off and in another two weeks it is 50% off. Big difference in savings. What I did do to reduce morning stress was make sure we had everything ready the night before!
  • We kept the heat at 67 even when temperatures outside with the windchill were -28! Other people mentioned it was chilly but we were completely fine, a few warm sweaters at the ready and hot water bottles at night, and we were positively toasty!
  • I unfollowed some second hand sites. We may need a few items here and there but we don’t need to spend.
  • I checked out different banking accounts to see if there was one with a lower fee. Not ready to switch yet as I want to do a bit more research, but it was a good first step.
  • A few local photographers are offering really sweet Valentines and Easter mini-shoots. They may “only” be $50 and they may be adorable, but it’s $50 we really don’t need to spend!
  • I wanted to stick to $30 or less for groceries this week, so I went with a list and visited two stores (total standing time 16 minutes and I thought it would kill me! lol). I think I spent a total of $26 and change (need to check the receipts by Sunday). Job done!
  • We have school holidays coming up soon and a local hotel was offering a very reasonable rate – with access to in room fireplace, and a pool and hot tub. Again no matter how good the deal, it’s still $100+. And so while I watched others scoop up the deal I firmly remind myself this isn’t the time.
  • I was very tempted to buy malasian noodle and veg stir-fry on a rough day when I needed to pick up wee girl for the first time from school since the op and the take her to an activity. Thankfully the idea of getting out of the car nixed that idea! lol And I made a very easy supper of baked potatoes with tuna, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks.
  • We really fancied a “proper” breakfast today – you know, a brunch of sorts. There’s lost of places with deals because it is the long weekend, but instead we got wee girl’s waffle maker out and she is currently making waffles.  Having said that I can’t stand the waffle recipe – doesn’t taste right (too eggy and smooshy. Yes those are words! lol). Any recipe’s you’d recommend that are easy for a child to follow?
  • Where we buy dog food ran out of the more economical types we buy, so instead of buying for 3 -4 weeks as I normally do with an added cost of $23 or so (compared to a typical monthly cost), I will go back in a little over a week and only purchased what they did have plus one that is more dear. I didn’t want to risk running out and not being able to get back, so enough for 9 days is a safe bet!
  • I went somewhere with no free parking but there was a lot you could use if you spend $25 at a local store. I took a gift card with me as a backup and used it to purchase a Birthday present for wee girl, and therefore qualifying for parking! At $20 flat rate, that was a *massive* help!
  • I picked up a few free books from a freecycle type program for wee girl.
  • Every time I thought of a book I or the children would like to read I went onto the library’s online service and ordered it. Temptations are gone when you know it will eventually arrive.
  • I was missing Netflix so ordered a few of the films/series from the library
  • We are enjoying a 4 day weekend here (wee boy has 3 days much to his chagrin!) I had hoped to do an activity with the children, but with my heath and costs of places that have seating it isn’t possible. So I’ve made a list of all the fun things the kids can do from home. We’ve got craft project at the ready, books, music to listen to, a book on CD, some school work to catch up on, games to play, and I’m pretty sure they can have some fun on our deck. Maybe snow soccer or outdoor painting. :) My kids don’t get bored, they could easily fill 100 days without resorting to screens, it’s more my frustration with health than anything else.
  • I checked out a new pharmacy (the other is too far right now and doesn’t deliver) and before committing to getting medication, I asked them to work out the costs so I could compare. When I was told 2 medications weren’t covered at all by my plan (as opposed to just having a co-pay) I asked if they would call the insurance company. The Pharmacist did and lo and behold they agreed to cover both. What’s more, I said yes to free delivery. A saving all round.
  • We receive a lot of cold air through our back door, so I put a sheet rolled up by the door to make a small cover of sorts. Not sure how much it helped, but it very much felt like there was less of a draft!
  • My mum declared I need a house by the sea to convalesce this summer, and that in the olden days that likely would have been a prescription – sea air! Instead of booking somewhere  (lol) I dreamt and then got over it.  ;)

How did you save money this week?